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Welcome to Loose Outdoors - named to reflect the sense of freedom and exploration associated with getting into the great outdoors.

I'm David, a guy who works all week and gets excited about exploring the local area every chance I get. I'm a hobbyist photographer with a passion for nature, and I want to share this passion with others.

Loose Outdoors

My mantra is that the outdoors is for everyone. I don't believe in 'secret spots', and will only withhold information about how to visit a place if there are genuine safety or environmental considerations. 

I encourage responsible and sustainable practices when venturing into the outdoors and advocate for a Leave No Trace approach to exploring any region.

In my opinion, the more people who go outdoors, the more people who will fall in love with it's beauty, and the more advocates there will be for protecting the environment.

Admittedly, there is no shortage of information available from which to plan your next adventure in South-East Queensland or Northern New South Wales.


So why create this site, you ask? The answer to that is threefold:

  1. I've noticed that the more comprehensive and informative sites, as amazing as they are, lack flair and high-quality photos.

  2. On the other hand, blogs have pretty photos, but tend to be less structured, less informative and/or include a lot of superfluous and irrelevant information. 

  3. Most importantly though, I love taking photos, want to create a visual scrapbook of all the adventures I go on, and figure I may as well share it with anyone who is interested - and if I can inspire others to get outdoors more as well, then that is icing on the cake.

The Loose Outdoors website is designed to be a no-frills approach to finding key information on a wide range of outdoor activities, including bushwalking, mountain hiking, kayaking, casual walks suitable for beginners and families, scenic 4WD tracks and more.

It is in no way a comprehensive list of everything you can do in the regions. I'm just one guy, ticking locations off an ever-expanding to-do list.


In that sense, Loose Outdoors is part blog and part informative website. It's an invitation to follow me on my adventures and get the key information about how to do it yourself.

If there is an activity not on the site, feel free to contact me with a suggestion (it might not be on my list!). If you can't find it here, try the links in the footer below.

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