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The Ultimate Guide to The Waterfall Way

Everything you need to know about The Waterfall Way, including a downloadable guide with park maps, detailed walk descriptions, a time and distance travel chart, suggested itineraries and more.

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Getting the Most Out of Your GPS Smart Watch

Have you got a GPS smart watch for tracking your activities, but struggling to get accurate recordings and metrics? These helpful tips will ensure you get the most out of your watch!

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1, 3 & 5 Day Itineraries for The Waterfall Way

Want to experience the incredible Waterfall Way scenic drive but have no idea where to start? We've got you covered with ready-made itineraries to suit short, medium and long trips.

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Choosing the Best Time to do Certain Activities

Ever visited a location after seeing a photo of it and wondered why it doesn’t look like the photo you saw? Use these tips to make sure you visit locations at the best time and see them at their best.

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5 Great Beginner Mountain Hikes on the Sunshine Coast

New to bushwalking and looking for some great beginner mountain hikes to get started? Check out these 5 beauties on the Sunshine Coast – all of which are under 5 kms in length.

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