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When using Loose Outdoors ( as a resource for planning outdoor activities, please consider the following terms of use.

  1. The activities featured on this website are potentially hazardous. Please consider your own capabilities and experience when deciding to undertake any of the activities featured on the website. Loose Outdoors is not responsible for any injury that occurs in relation to undertaking activities featured on this website.

  2. While every effort is made to ensure that information on the website is accurate at time of writing, changes out of my control may lead to information becoming inaccurate over time.

  3. While every effort is made to source grades and difficulty ratings from the parks and wildlife services, when these are not available subjective ratings are provided. The accuracy of these ratings will depend on your own fitness, capabilities and experience.

  4. All content, including images, is the intellectual property of David Soole and Loose Outdoors. Using images from this website without permission is strictly forbidden. If you would like to use images from this website, please use the contact page to get in touch.

  5. Loose Outdoors reserves the right to change or amend these terms of use at any time. It is your responsibility to regularly review the terms and conditions and check for updates.

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