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Bald Hills Creek




Distance (kms):

11.1 kms

Time (hrs):

Allow 4 hrs

Elevation gain (m):


Max. elevation (m):


Difficulty (Grade):


Route type:





2WD Sufficient

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A lovely paddle from Bramble Bay to the mangrove-lined banks of the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands.

This lightly trafficked paddle starts from Brighton Park in Brighton, near the Houghton Highway Bridge.

The paddle starts at the mouth of the North Pine River, where it meets the expansive Bramble Bay.

After 1.3 kilometres take the left branch into Bald Hills Creek, which is predominantly fringed by mangroves and typically offers plenty of protection from the wind.

For the most part, the creek is wide and an easy paddle. You will pass a number of derelict jetties, a lovely mangrove island and the bird hide from the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands walk.

There are also a few short tributaries worth exploring, including one that forms part of the Eagle Canoe Trail from Tinchi Tamba Wetlands.

The creek runs parallel to the Houghton Highway for a small section, which is noisy, but overall it is a very pleasant paddle.

The creek extends about 4 kms before it gets choked up with trees. Turn around when you see an old, dome shaped, brick sewer drain and retrace your path back to the start point.

The section of the North Pine River to the mouth at Bramble Bay (where you started) has a tendency to get windier as the day progresses and although short, can be a slog on the return leg, so stick close to the shoreline.

Difficulty: For the most part, the creek is wide and protected from the wind, making it a pleasant paddle, however it does narrow as you near the turn-around point and in the tributaries.

The section from the mouth of the creek to the start/end point can be very windy, especially later in the day.

Direction: This is an out-and-back paddle that returns the way it came. Besides the couple of short tributaries there is limited ability for taking a wrong turn once on the creek.

getting there

The paddle starts at Brighton Park, on the Hornibrook Highway in Brighton, 30 minutes drive north of Brisbane. Get to the park by turning left off the Houghton Highway just before the bridge when heading north to Redcliffe.

Parking is ample for how trafficked the location is.

best time to go

The paddle can be completed year-round. There is limited shade during the middle parts of the day, so morning or afternoon is recommended.

As with any kayak, it is recommended to go in low-wind conditions.

The creek is tidal, and the paddle is upstream, so should be completed 2-3 hours either side of the incoming high tide. Sections may bottom out at low tide.

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