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Paperbark Trail


Reedy Creek Reserve


Distance (kms):

0.4 kms

Time (hrs):

Allow 45 mins

Elevation gain (m):

1 m

Max. elevation (m):

32 m

Difficulty (Grade):

Moderate (Grade 3)

Route type:





2WD Sufficient

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A magical walk through wetlands, surrounded by towering paperbark trees, along stepping posts and floating boardwalks.

This heavily trafficked walk starts from the signed trailhead at the car park on Springs Road in Agnes Water – across from the turn off to Springs Beach. 

The short but spectacular walk meanders through pristine coastal melaleuca forest, including hundreds of towering paperbark trees and lush cabbage and fan palms.

The specially designed track includes stepping poles and floating wooden boardwalks, allowing you to walk through the wetlands.

There are plentiful wildlife spotting opportunities, including looking for butterflies, birds, flying foxes and fungi and listening for frogs.

It is essential that you stay on the boardwalk and paths at all times to protect this fragile environment. Please do not leave the path in order to take a photograph – respect the place you have come to visit.

There is a picnic table at the start of the walk.

Please note, given this is a nature reserve, dogs and domestic animals are not permitted.

Track: The track involves a well-maintained graded path, stepping stones and floating wooden boardwalks. The track is well-signed and easy to follow.

Difficulty: The track is suitable for all fitness levels, however is not suitable for people limited mobility or balance due to the stepping stones and narrow floating boardwalks, which require good balance, or for wheelchairs and prams. 

That said, everyone can take the short stroll along the flat graded path to the start of the stepping stones and end of the floating boardwalk and still enjoy wonderful views of the area.

Direction: This is a loop track. It is recommended to do the loop in an anticlockwise direction. 

getting there

The trailhead is located at the signed car park on Springs Road in Agnes Water – across from the turn off to Springs Beach. It is approximately 6 hours drive north of Brisbane or 3 hours drive south of Rockhampton.

It is recommended to break up the drive to the park and consider the impact of fatigue on driving safety. 

Parking is relatively ample but can get busy during peak times.

best time to go

The walk can be completed year-round, however may be closed during times of flood or fire. 

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Remember, whenever venturing into the outdoors, practice the Leave No Trace principles and be considerate of others. This means: dispose of your waste properly, don't remove things or move things from their natural position and respect all wildlife. Also be sure to plan ahead and adequately prepare for any adventure. 

I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which all activities listed on this website are found, as well as Elders past, present and emerging. I strive to not promote sites where requests have been made for people not to explore due to the cultural significance of the site to Indigenous peoples, or note how to respectfully visit a site. If I have a promoted a site with cultural significance, please send me a message and let me know.   

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