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Woollool Woolloolni Rocks

Country NSW

Basket Swamp National Park


Distance (kms):

0.8 kms

Time (hrs):

Allow 1 hr

Elevation gain (m):

22 m

Max. elevation (m):

1,051 m

Difficulty (Grade):

Easy (Grade 3)

Route type:





4WD Recommended

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Interesting walk through beautiful forest to an incredible towering rock formation with religious and mythological importance to the Aboriginal people. 

This lightly trafficked walk starts from the end of the Wellington Rock fire-trail (a 4WD track), off Woollool Woolloolni Road. 

The trail starts from the car park, near the picnic shelter, undulating through beautiful eucalypt forest. 

Woollool Woolloolni is a centre for spiritual power, or Djuravehl in the Bundjalang language. The site has religious and mythological importance to the Aboriginal people. 

It is believed that a Wuyangali, or ‘Clever Man’, named Woollool Woollool had exclusive rights to the Djuravehl, such that when he passed away, his spirit would return to this place and physically change the environment.

It is believed that when Woollool Woollool passed, a rock atop the present balancing rock fell off, signifying that Woollool Woollool’s spirit had returned to the Djuravehl. This change indicated that it was now safe for anyone to approach the site. 

The mountainous granite outcrop is awe-inspiring, rising over 1,000m above sea level at its peak. A primary feature amongst the outcrop is the mushroom-shaped rock that balanced atop a large tor. 

Visitors are asked to respect this place of great natural beauty and spiritual importance when they visit, remaining on the track at all times. The track ends at the far end of the rocky outcrop.

The picnic area includes a drop toilet, covered picnic table and wood-fired stove, all nestled within beautiful forest.

Track: The track involves a well-defined trail. The walk is well-signed and easy-to follow.

Difficulty: This is a relatively easy walk, suitable for most fitness levels. 

Direction: This is an out-and-back track that returns the way you came. 

getting there

This trail starts from the end of the Wellington Rock fire-trail (a 4WD track), off Woollool Woolloolni Road, 3.5 hours drive south-west of Brisbane.

A high-clearance 4WD is recommended to reach the track, with the trailhead being reached via a series of rough gravel roads. 

The car park is typically ample for how trafficked the walk is.

best time to go

The walk can be completed year-round.

Note that there are park fees associated with entering many national parks in New South Wales. Check the New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service website for more information.

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Remember, whenever venturing into the outdoors, practice the Leave No Trace principles and be considerate of others. This means: dispose of your waste properly, don't remove things or move things from their natural position and respect all wildlife. Also be sure to plan ahead and adequately prepare for any adventure. 

I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which all activities listed on this website are found, as well as Elders past, present and emerging. I strive to not promote sites where requests have been made for people not to explore due to the cultural significance of the site to Indigenous peoples, or note how to respectfully visit a site. If I have a promoted a site with cultural significance, please send me a message and let me know.   

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