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Cape St George Lighthouse

South Coast NSW

Booderee National Park


Distance (kms):

0.8 kms

Time (hrs):

Allow 1 hr

Elevation gain (m):

13 m

Max. elevation (m):

47 m

Difficulty (Grade):

Easy (Grade 2)

Route type:





2WD Sufficient

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A ruined lighthouse perched on the cliff edge with spectacular coastal views and a perfect location to view whales during the season.

This lightly trafficked walk is located at the end of Old Lighthouse Road, off of Stony Creek Road in Jervis Bay.

The ruined Cape St George Lighthouse is perched on the edge of spectacular cliffs, with a constructed platform lookout offering magnificent views of the coastline.

The site is heritage-listed and one of the most significant European historic sites in the park. 

Built in 1860, the three-storey sandstone lighthouse stood at 18.5m tall, and was designed to reduce the number of shipwrecks occurring along the Wreck Bay coast. However, the lighthouse failed in this task and was replaced by Point Perpendicular Lighthouse in 1898.

Cape St George Lighthouse was destroyed in the early 20th century. Remnants of numerous buildings remain, including the base of the lighthouse, stables, a latrine building, and the laundry and kitchen. 

The site is a great place to watch whale migrations (July to November). 

This is a great walk to add to a day-trip of the area, including Cave Beach, Murrays Beach and Boat Ramp, the Hole-in-the-Wall and the White Sands Walk.

Track: The trail involves graded, well-maintained paths, and is relatively flat. The track is well-signed and easy to follow. 

Difficulty: The track is well-maintained and relatively flat, making it easy and suitable for all fitness levels. The site is wheelchair accessible, with assistance. Care should be taken near the cliff edges, despite them being protected by safety rails. 

Direction: The walk is a loop track and can be completed in either direction. 

getting there

The walk is located at the end of Old Lighthouse Road, off of Stony Creek Road in Jervis Bay, 3 hours drive south of Sydney. 

The car park is typically ample for how trafficked the walk is.

best time to go

The walk can be completed year-round. 

Note that there are park fees associated with entering Booderee National Park. Check the Parks Australia website for more information.

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Remember, whenever venturing into the outdoors, practice the Leave No Trace principles and be considerate of others. This means: dispose of your waste properly, don't remove things or move things from their natural position and respect all wildlife. Also be sure to plan ahead and adequately prepare for any adventure. 

I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which all activities listed on this website are found, as well as Elders past, present and emerging. I strive to not promote sites where requests have been made for people not to explore due to the cultural significance of the site to Indigenous peoples, or note how to respectfully visit a site. If I have a promoted a site with cultural significance, please send me a message and let me know.   

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