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Mount Cordeaux & Bare Rock

Scenic Rim

Main Range National Park (Cunningham's Gap)


Distance (kms):

12.6 kms

Time (hrs):

Allow 4.5 hrs

Elevation gain (m):

496 m

Max. elevation (m):

1,171 m

Difficulty (Grade):

Moderate (Grade 4)

Route type:





2WD Sufficient

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An incredible hike through rainforest to two beautiful lookouts with uninterrupted views across Lake Moogerah, Moogerah Peaks, Mount Barney and the Fassifern Valley.

This heavily trafficked hike starts from Crest Car Park on the Cunningham Highway.

The track zig-zags through lush subtropical rainforest, passing a smaller lookout with views towards Fassifern Valley and Mount Barney.

The vegetation thins as you near the peak of Mount Cordeaux, and there is a unique hole and crevice that is worth a look shortly before the summit.

Mount Cordeaux stands at 1,135m above sea level, however you don’t actually go to the true summit. 

The rocky outlook some 50 m lower provides spectacular views across Cunninghams Gap to Mount Mitchell, as well as east across Lake Moogerah to the Fassifern Valley and north to the Goomburra section of the park.

There are also incredible views of the surrounding peaks, including Mount Barney, Greville, Maroon, Edwards and more, as well as west towards the Millar Vale Creek Valley and out towards Warwick.

Continue on the less trafficked path to Bare Rock through grass trees, looking up at the summit of Mount Cordeaux, before reaching a ridge with more views, including the other side of the mountain.

From there, the track re-enters the rainforest and mossy rocks and trees give the walk an enchanted feeling.

Bare Rock involves another rocky outcrop with stunning views towards the Goomburra Section of Main Range National Park and its distinctive rippled ridges and cliffs.

On the way back, it is worth making the short side-track to Morgans walk (at the junction for Bare Rock), as well as rounding out the Rainforest Circuit near the car park to see the giant hollow tree.

Track: The track involves graded paths, with some steps, and is well-signed and easy to follow.

Difficulty: The track to Mount Cordeaux summit is a great beginners mountain, with gradual elevation for most of the track. The additional trek to Bare Rock adds on 5 kms. 

From the summit, and various locations along the track, there are sheer drops, so caution must be exercised.

Direction: This is an out-and back track that returns the way it came.

getting there

The trail starts from Crest Car Park on the Cunningham Highway in Tregony, 1.5 hours drive south-west of Brisbane.

Parking can become extremely busy, particularly on weekends, so it is advised to go early or weekdays if possible.

best time to go

The walk can be completed year-round, however is exposed to the sun at the summit and for parts of the walk to Bare Rock, so would be more difficult during warmer months.

Always check the Queensland Parks website for updates on track closures.

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Remember, whenever venturing into the outdoors, practice the Leave No Trace principles and be considerate of others. This means: dispose of your waste properly, don't remove things or move things from their natural position and respect all wildlife. Also be sure to plan ahead and adequately prepare for any adventure. 

I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which all activities listed on this website are found, as well as Elders past, present and emerging. I strive to not promote sites where requests have been made for people not to explore due to the cultural significance of the site to Indigenous peoples, or note how to respectfully visit a site. If I have a promoted a site with cultural significance, please send me a message and let me know.   

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